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PrōKo is a modern talent model that enables professional independent consultants and corporations to work together while fully mitigating co-employment risk.

PrōKo provides the necessary corporate structure, insurance and legal contracts so that the independent consultant can work with the corporation without having to be paid on a W-2 basis through a third party. This allows the consultant to keep more of what they earn by maintaining their business tax deductions and it allows the corporation to avoid paying a 15-35% mark-up on the consultant’s rates. Usually this means that the corporation can afford higher caliber talent. The PrōKo model is truly a win/win!

All PrōKo consultants go through a thorough screening process to ensure that only top talent is a part of our national network. PrōKo’s legal structure, contracts, pricing and insurance ensure that corporations are getting top talent without risk or ridiculous fees. PrōKo Consulting is good for the consultant, good for the corporation.