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For Independent Consultants

PrōKo is an agency for professional independent consultants. We help consultants be more successful by:

  • Handling the compliance process so you can avoid being paid on a W-2 basis through a 3rd party.
  • Providing $5 million of insurance coverage, including professional liability insurance (”errors & omissions”).
  • Handling back office administration such as billing and collections.
  • Assisting with marketing and outreach.
  • Providing access to legal counsel for reviewing contracts.
  • Helping to establish a more professional image.

We are a new kind of agency... how are we different?

  • You avoid the hassle and pressures of being part of a larger organization. We have no sales quotas, no utilization targets, no performance reviews. We think consulting should be about getting things done for the client, not for the consulting firm.
  • We have much, much lower agency fees (20-30% less than typical consulting firms).
  • If you find the work, we handle the compliance and back-office details so you can keep your independent contractor status intact.
  • If we find the work, there is a 10% sourcing fee but only on your first contract with the new client.
  • You remain an independent consultant paid on a 1099 basis which means you keep your self-employed tax deductions. This also gives you a better option for retirement savings (a SEP-IRA). We believe so strongly in this last point that we’ve actually trademarked the phrase, “Friends don’t let friends W-2”. Watch the 70-second video to find out why!

Bottom line:
Bill more and keep more of what you bill!